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"When asked what the biggest takeaway from the [intern] experience was: "I think I learned how capable, adaptable, and competent I was."

- Intern Michele, United Nations Development Programme


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Available in days
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Workshops Included with Purchase

Take My "7F" Life Challenge!
Are you living "the good life"? Is life perfect? Use this chart to see how close to perfect it really is!
Interns: From "Now" to "Wow"
Make the most of your internship and see your future get brighter
Graduates: Transition into the Workplace Like a Pro
How to turn from student to professional after graduating
The ABC's of Getting Ahead Faster
Skills to Succeed on the Job and Get Ahead Faster
Are You Prepared for Change in the Workplace?
Don't wait for change...become resilient now! Coach yourself to Survive and Thrive!

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