Are You Prepared for Change in the Workplace?

Don't wait for change...become resilient now! Coach yourself to Survive and Thrive!


From small to large companies, change is needed in order for a company to stay competitive. That often means organizational changes and re-organizations. That often means reductions in force too.

You need to be prepared for change before it comes knocking on your door. You should not just have an updated resume, but you should also have an updated Career Resilience Plan. This program helps you develop that plan so that you are prepared should the worst case scenario happen.

Even if you have a job, today it is "do more with less" and that is very stressful. Why don't we do "less with more impact"? This course helps with that too, so that you can have a better work/life balance and shine at work while accomplishing work goals.

If you lost your job today, what would you do? How long do you think it would take to find a new one? When is the last time you were job hunting? How much lost income did you suffer in between jobs? How much do you think you'll lose this time if you are not prepared for a job change now? $5,000? $10,000? $50,000? $100,000? This course pays for itself in less than a few days of work and could potentially save you thousands in lost income if it helps you stay employable and marketable.

Let’s accept reality before it hits us in the face:

  • Layoffs happen to good people
  • If you are safe after a layoff, you are probably doing the work of two or three people now
  • Seniority in a company is not always a safety net when others can do your job for less pay
  • Your bosses will save themselves before they save you
  • Even if the change is just having a new boss, that can be a stressful change
  • Change is often caused by technology, external forces, competition, mergers and acquisitions, jobs going overseas, restructuring, economy, labor, performance and declining profits...these are all things outside of our control

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Decide NOW to be resilient. You don’t want to be in a crisis situation where all of a sudden your job is at risk or you find yourself downsized. That is why this is such an important topic. Get yourself started! Jump into this unique program and get ready to survive anything the company throws your way!

Who Should Enroll

  • You are currently working or were just recently laid off
  • You are not currently prepared for change
  • You are concerned you might lose your job in a downsizing
  • Your job is now obsolete and you need to reinvent yourself
  • Your career is slowly changing or becoming obsolete so you need to reinvent yourself

How You Will Benefit

  • You will have more control over your future
  • You will practice anticipating and handling change
  • You will learn what steps to take to prepare yourself
  • You will develop a plan for your future
  • You will take steps strengthening your marketability
  • You will determine ways to balance work with home life

What You Will Get

  • Short lessons in audio and/or text formats
  • Mobile friendly content
  • Questions to reflect on and do some DIY coaching
  • Activities to apply the techniques you learned to your situation
  • Worksheets and Action Plans to download and fill out
  • EXTRA BONUS: Forum to ask questions of a coach and other participants


  Buddy, Can You Spare Some Change?
Available in days
days after you sign up
  What's Your Plan B?
Available in days
days after you sign up
  I See No Changes Coming on the Horizon
Available in days
days after you sign up
  Uh Oh! Change is Coming!
Available in days
days after you sign up
  Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Available in days
days after you sign up
  Should You Go Into Your Own Business?
Available in days
days after you sign up
Available in days
days after you sign up
  Please Give Us Feedback on the Course
Available in days
days after you sign up

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Get yourself started now!