It happens to the best of us! We wake up one day and ask "where did the time go?" I should have accomplished this or that. It could be projects at work. It could be major life events, or it could be small things like spring cleaning or losing those extra few pounds that never seem to get done. It's so easy to put them off with "tomorrow".

Is there something you want? How close are you to getting it? Do you tend to accomplish your goals? Are you drifting along with a "wish and let's see" approach? Are you letting someone else guide you down life's path?

I find that once I start and get some momentum going, I can often get the task done rather quickly, or at least make progress, so my procrastination isn’t warranted. It just adds stress.

Use my tips to not only get yourself started, but to finish the task and accomplish those dreams and goals. The sense of accomplishment and peace of mind it provides is priceless! Also take the course; it is totally self-paced so that you can work on it when you want to and across any device. That gives you time to practice what you learn.

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